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***  January 2009 : The new 5th album "Nightmare Visions".   ***

The 5th TEARSTAINED CD "Nightmare Visions" is now out and available either from me directly or from Barbarian Wrath. Any labels/distros interested in a trade, just email me. The CD is $12.00 (world) through me directly. Email me, and you can send cash or a Money Order.
"Nightmare Visions" sees the return of the falsetto voice and a wide variety of vocal styles, still keeping with the Tearstained tradition. This album has a concept dealing with my dreams and recurring dream themes.

I also accept PayPal now. Price through PayPal is $13 per CD. My PayPal address is Notify me by email first.

*** A FEW t-shirts are left in 2009 - Tearstained T-SHIRTS ***
$30 (world)
Includes T-Shirt (X-Large), 2 Tearstained pins, and some Tearstained stickers.
(see picture below)

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Previous releases:

"Homicidal Tendencies" the fourth CD, I am SOLD-OUT of this album. Try buying it from Barbarian Wrath.

This album has a theme of aggression, revenge, hatred, brooding-vengeance and homicide. Quite a different theme from that of the Suicide Trilogy (the first 3 albums) but nonetheless still definitively TEARSTAINED. Described as "a much more violent approach that invokes visions of POSSESSED or NECROVORE". Listen and decide for your self.
2 MP3's are in the Barbarian Wrath website. CLICK HERE to get to them, just go into the BW site, click on Releases, and you'll see the 2 songs in linked format. . They are the songs "Time Bomb" and "Let Everything Die....Slowly".

The debut CD "Monumental In Its Sorrow" was re-issued! The official release date was Halloween (Samhain) 2005. The new version has 2 new Bonus Tracks (recorded especially for this re-issue) plus an entirely new layout. I have maybe 3 copies still in stock now (January 2009) and it is for sale for $12 each (world).

The second album "There Is No Hope" is SOLD-OUT. Order it from Barbarian Wrath.

I am also SOLD-OUT of the 3rd album "Final Thoughts", so you'll have to order through Barbarian Wrath. If you want to buy the entire Suicide Trilogy, visit the Barbarian Wrath website for ordering info and prices. Support their hordes! Support Barbarian Wrath!!! Click here to see what else I have for sale.....Scroll below for more info.....

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E-mail me for a mailing address.

Trades accepted with distros/bands but email me FIRST. And if we are trading, I send nothing out until I receive my end of the deal....sorry too many rip-offs.

photo by Evil Eye