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TEARSTAINED began officially in December 1995 with the obscure release of a one-song promo. This song, "Tearstained Nightsky", was the very first recording in my new Mortuary Temple 8-track studio. The music of Tearstained stood for all that is tortured and forgotten. Extreme melancholy and sadness hang over the songs like an albatross. In the early part of the summer 1997 some new recordings manifested. These new songs glorify extreme melancholy with a forlorn viewpoint towards humanity that exemplifies the concepts of nihilism, suicidal thought, and misanthropy. The vocals vary from totally grim Quorthon-like screaming, point-of-tears styled moans and cries, and old Mercyful Fate inspired singing. Not since the early Bathory albums has such a "sound" been captured. There are even two cover songs hidden on the end of this recording, as would become a feature of every future Tearstained CD. Promo rough mixes were sent out to various labels in the latter parts of 1997, and after receiving a phone call from Nihil of MORDGRIMM RECORDS in England (a sub-label of Cacophonous Records), a contract was signed for 3 albums. The debut CD was mixed and mastered at Watchmen Studio by Mikael and Doug White on February 26, 1998, and the final result is one of the heaviest recordings ever produced and recorded by Mikael. The songs on this debut CD are highly original, well-played, and draw heavy influence from old Bathory. You have never heard music like this before. It's almost in its own isolated genre.


The debut CD "Monumental In It's Sorrow" was released in the last week of February 1999 on Mordgrimm Records (who also released debut CDs by Covenant, Osculum Infame, Thokk, & Blot Mine). The CD layout looks killer and I'm very satisfied with the outcome. It features coverart by J. Petagno, who's been featured in SOD Magazine and has done artwork for Bloodstorm, Avulsed, Edge Of Sanity, Led Zeppelin (Swan Song album logo and lettering), Motorhead (logo) and Alice Cooper (Billion Dollar Babies). The logo, which is a piece of art in it's own right, has been drawn by Kris Verwimp, another name that should be familiar to those in the underground. Now since the release of this album, Mordgrimm Records have disappeared. Only 2000 CDs were pressed and I am sold out of what few copies I had. So consider this version rare.

A re-issue of this album was released on Samhain 2005 on Barbarian Wrath. This album began the Suicide Trilogy. It received both rave reviews as well as shit reviews (called an Immortal clone?!?!?!). But it is a cult release that's been hard to come by. It has a new cover (see below), new photos, and 2 new bonus tracks recorded especially for this re-issue; "Dissociation" and "S.A.D.". The original album and the 2 hidden coversongs are intact as well, and remastered.
I still have copies of the re-issue for sale for $12.00.

photo by Mikael

Alas, after endless delays in dealing with Mordgrimm, a new label became the home for Tearstained. BARBARIAN WRATH Records will be releasing all future Tearstained albums. I was contacted by BARBARIAN WRATH Records because they are really into what Tearstained is about. The next several Tearstained CDs will be released on Barbarian Wrath as limited editions of 666 hand-numbered copies.

no hope
The first release was "There Is No Hope", the second CD and part II of the Suicide Trilogy. Released in 2001 this CD further expands on the Tearstained sound. Gaining alot of rave reviews and touted for it's hints towards the old school black metal (Mercyful Fate & Bathory) this album solidifies the Tearstained sound and further explores themes of suicidal thoughts, depression, despondency and melancholia. With a beefier production this album sounds like what Bathory's "The Return..." could have been. MP3's of a few songs are available for download and listening pleasure in the Barbarian Wrath website under the category "Releases" (scroll down to the Tearstained releases, 2 songs from each album are available). The coverart for this second CD is absolutely bleak! It is posted here, although I apologize for the poor quality. Also in the 2nd CD is some great photography by Evil Eye. The music is absolute DEPRESSIVE BLACK CULT!
I am sold-out of this release, unfortunately. Visit the Barbarian Wrath on "The Basar" to visit their webshop. They have released some KILLER CDs by Megiddo, Morrigan, Grand Belial's Key, Sithlord, & Alastor. It is a pleasure to be a part of their roster of bands.

(August 2003)

2003: The third album, and Conclusion of the Suicide Trilogy, was released in the Spring of 2003 on Barbarian Wrath. Entitled "Final Thoughts" this album is above all a ripping assault on the senses. With the best vocal performance so far, this album has interesting hooks and twists, and further drags you down into an abysss of hopelessness and suicide. It is the conclusion of the "Suicide Trilogy" comprised of the first 3 albums, but not the end of Tearstained at all. This CD is THE Tearstained album! Grim and bitter songs that are laced with melancholy, despair and suicidal thoughts. I truly think this album has some of my best and most varied vocal performances: shrieks, grim voice, falsetto, and point-of-tears styled singing. Musically it's much heavier with alot of variety and moods within it. As with every Tearstained album, there are 2 hidden coversongs (one is always a Bathory song). Recorded entirely in Mortuary Temple Studios (as each previous album) and produced & Engineered by Mikael, the perfect mix of ripping guitars and driving basslines are offset by the Bathory-ish drums and grim vocals. Mixed & Mastered with genius Doug White in Watchmen Studios, this album simply floods your speakers with power. MP3's are available for downloading in the Barbarian Wrath website under the category "Releases" (scroll down to the Tearstained albums). There are a few songs from each album in MP3 format.
I am SOLD-OUT of this new album as of August 2004.

Now just because the Suicide Trilogy is concluding, that does not mean Tearstained will vanish. The re-issue of "Monumental In Its Sorrow" has been released on Samhain 2005.

In the Summer of 2006 you all experienced the 4th Tearstained CD "Homicidal Tendencies". Released on 6 - 6 - 06  it taught the world what AGGRESSIVE BLACK CULT sounds like!!!!!
It is an all-out aggressive assault on the senses. Featuring cover-art by Kris Verwimp and an updated logo, it is simply an angry and hate-filled album with a variety of influences ranging from grim black metal to an all-out black THRASH attack. The albums theme is one of Homicide: killing, revenge, misanthropy, hatred and the capability of each of us to just "snap". A fuller production makes this CD pummel through your speakers like a wartank. This is easily the most vicious and angry Tearstained CD recorded so far. The vocals are mostly angry, gritty, thrashy, black and hatefueled. I am sold-out of this CD, but you can still buy it through Barbarian Wrath..

Enter 2008:

The new TEARSTAINED CD is entitled "Nightmare Visions". This is the 5th CD. It was released in late summer 2008 on Barbarian Wrath.
As of January 2009 I now have it in stock and for sale. 
Again it is a concept album. Not a story, a concept. Each of the 8 songs is about either a particular dream or a recurring dream theme that polluted my dreams throughout the 1990's, and well even today. This was an idea I have had for a number of years, and I finally got around to recording it. I don't believe anyone has ever recorded an album about their dreams and dream themes. The falsetto voice is back. There are a lot of varied vocal styles, sort of a cross between "Final Thoughts" and "Homicidal Tendencies". Once again recorded in Mortuary Temple Studio by Mikael. This album has a lot of variety, themes, old school inspired riffing, and hopefully flows along like a variety of dreams do. You can still hear the bathory and Mercyful Fate influences, but also a lot of inspiration came from old Nasty Savage and even some NWOBHM (like on "The Coffin". There are black metal and cult thrash influences everywhere. I once again tried to sound very different from a lot of the bands out there today. I believe I have retained the Tearstained tradition. And again there are 2 hidden coversongs, one is a Bathory cover as always. Hail Quorthon!  Two new songs are posted in my myspace page (link below) if you'd like to check out what some of the new album sounds like, and Barbarian Wrath has 2 MP3's also posted in their myspace page. 


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