"Psychelectronic Experience" CD 1999

"Entrance Into The Shaman Consciousness"  (15:43)

Phase I - First Bardo Ascendence

Listen to the sound of my voice
Listen closely... Listen...
Come! Hearken noble warrior
Now is the time of your journey
Close your eyes and relax
Float downstream...
Breathe deeply. Do not resist
Resistence is futile
Let the cosmic abyss absorb you
into its essence

Phase II - Death And Rebirth

This is the beginning of the first bardo
A departure from your conscious experience
Left behind are the plastic shells of game-life
Let the stars encircle you
Let the utter cold space envelop you
Let the nonentity become overwhelming
Relax... Breathe deeply
Feel the beating of your life organ
deep within your chest
Pounding... throbbing... pounding... throbbing

You are disemanating from the earthen reality
Stepping into an altered consciousness
Fear is not necessary. Acceptance is glorified
Your ego is disintegrating and fear is not necessary
Stare down into the swirling black abyss
Let the mindphase melt you
    Become like wax, melting...
    Become like the ocean, flowing...
    O Noble Warrior, soar over the mountains
    Riding the wind into your prophecies

Listen closely to the sound of my voice
Let the void absorb you. Transmigrate
Float downstream. Hallucinate

Let the visions of shamans teach you, amuse you
Primordial astral travels
    Timeless dominion of shades
    Twilight surreal
    Completely immersed in orgasmic pleasure
Atoms sparking with transcendence
Rising above oneself
Relax. Float downstream
Riding the zenith into an infinite energy
Purple vapor clouds swirl above closed eyes

Accept the psychedelic vortex
Revel in energy mass
Sink into a coma of abyssic transmigration
Look through your new eyes
Look through your new eyes
Your eyes will open to a new world
      you've never seen before

Awaken to a new reality
Awaken to surreality
Transcend to obscurity
Relax... Breathe deeply... Do not resist
Awaken to a new reality
Bayond stars... galaxies... dimensions
Become one with nonentitical chaos

Phase III - Second Bardo Transcendence

Welcome to the next phase of your journey
Close your eyes and listen to the music

"Riding The Zenith"  (15:27)

Phase I - Beyond Human Language
Phase II - Third Bardo Resplendence

"Journey Across The Vast Psychedelic Landscape To The Darkness Beyond (Hallucinations With No Color)"  (33:54)

This song was recorded live in one take, completely improvised, so no lyrics were written down.
Therefore all words were derived from the induced trance.
Listen and figure them out for yourself.

This recording is meant to be indulged in by candlelight, in complete darkness, before sleep, under the influence of a hallucinogen (preferably LSD or mushrooms) or after smoking a really good bud.
Tracks 1 and 2 recorded entirely in Mortuary Temple Studio in January, April & May 1997.
Track 3 recorded in one take at Evil Eye's house on Lammas, August 1, 1994.
Mixed & Mastered at Watchmen Studio in August 1998 by Mikael and Doug White.
Produced and Engineered by Mikael. Logo by Mikael.


Mikael: All keyboards, synths, vocals, croons, moans, effects and tambourine.

"Temptation" CD 1999