December 1995 Promo

1. Tearstained Nightsky

Recorded in Mortuary Temple Studio in December 1995.
Produced & Engineered by Mikael.
Mikael: all vocals, guitars, bass, drums & keyboards.

This was simply a one-song promo tape that I spread through the tapetrading circuit and to anyone who sent a blank tape. This was the very first recording in my new 8-track recording studio that I still use today. When writing this song, I was thinking of what Bathory might sound like with King Diamond as their vocalist.

"Tearstained Nightsky"

Ceases at dusk
Black night sky
Stars shine

Oh.... Oh.....

Lunar energy
Cascades down upon me
The night is alive
Cold as ice


Oh..... Oh.....

(music & lyrics December 1995)