"A Tribute To Metallica: Phantom Lords" 1990 CD

This was a Compilation album that came out in 1999, although I was unaware of it's existence until about 2004. The label, Adrenaline Records in Italy, had originally done a deal with my previous band, Night Conquers Day, for an appearance on an Iron Maiden tribute CD. It was a double CD, the first CD containing the bands coversongs and the second CD containing original songs of the contributing bands. It was released in late 1998 and NCD received our copies of it. At that time I had recorded the debut Tearstained CD, but it had not been released yet. They mentioned this Metallica tribute CD, and I told them I had already recorded a Metallica coversong "For Whom The Bell Tolls" which was a hidden track on the forthcoming CD. But they never got back to me on it.

Well, lo and behold, this Metallica Tribute CD did come out. I found out about it while accidently browsing the internet. I had to buy the one copy I have. It's actually quite an impressive packaging, just as the Iron Maiden Comp was. Same layout idea. Anyways, each band has a page in the booklet. The Tearstained page looks fucking KILLER! I'll have to scan it eventually and post it. It has the logo, the debut CD album cover, and a pic of me looking very evil. Even has all the credits, although the website and email listed are long extinct. My PO Box is still the same....has been since 1993.

On Disc 1 each band has their Metallica cover-song. The Tearstained song is the Bathorized version of Metallica's "For Whom The Bell Tolls". It is the same recording/mix from the debut CD, as is the original song featured on Disc 2 represented here with "Suicide Pact". It's a 2-disc layout that folds open into 4 panels with these skull-art things. There's also snakes. And a squatting demon-guy with a guitar. Whatever. Looks better than most crap.

Other bands with some good covers on this comp are Blackend, Mystic Force, Lunatic Gods, Moksha....

Disc 1, Track 9. Tearstained "For Whom The bell Tolls"
Disc 2, Track 9. Tearstained "Suicide Pact"