TEARSTAINED “There Is No Hope” {Suicide Trilogy-Part II} 2001 CD#2   (Barbarian Wrath 666-012)
Released Samhain 2001 (October 31-Halloween333).

1. The Death Of My Passion (5:12)
2. Despondent Surrender (4:49)  (Click Link for MP3)
3. Tearstained Coffin (5:44)
4. The Curse Of Christ (4:10)  (Click Link for MP3)
5. Commit Suicide (1:21)
6. Disheartened (5:35)
7. Whispers (5:39)
8. My Open Grave (7:28)

Total time: (48:01)

Recorded July - November 1999 and February - April 2000 in Mortuary Temple Studio.
Produced and Engineered by Mikael.
Mixed and Mastered in Watchmen Recording Studio with Doug “Fornicus” White on April 7, 2000.
All music & lyrics written by Mikael 1995 - 2000.
Logo by Kris Verwimp, based on a vision by Mikael.
Coverart by.........(found by Frater N, and he has never said who the artist is, but charged me $200 for it).
Layout by Mikael & ChorazaiM..
Mikael performs all Vocals & Instruments on this album exclusively.

This album is the second chapter of the “Suicide Trilogy“. Discover the maiden opus “Monumental In Its Sorrow” (released in 1999), and await the concluding  episode of melancholy & hopelessness in 2001.

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“The Death Of My Passion”   lyrics 9/7/99

There once was a time in my life
When I felt some ecstasy
Now I feel a vast dark coldness
Is there something wrong with me?
I am numb to all of my feelings
Filled with anger and contempt
Alienated from this world
It is mankind I resent

The Death Of My Passion  X3

All that is beautiful is obscene
I feel my candle has burned out
I feel no will to live on
All certainty turns to doubt
My guitar it will not play for me
A cold shoulder to my muse
Drifting onward in an abyss
Faced with a choice I don’t want to choose


The candle’s burning out
I’m eaten inside out
My passion fades from me
The pain won’t leave me be
My motivation dies
My soul it moans and cries
This world is killing me
Passive misanthropy


Despondent Surrender”    lyrics 8/13/99

I look all around and I do not like what I can see
The sky is painted gray as tears rain down all over me
My eyes are ever dimming as I sink into this well
Living in the depths of my own self-made hell

I give up on life
I’m not meant for this world
I no longer feel (like I belong here)

I never swam on down this constant ever-flowing stream
Each night I go to sleep wondering if this is all a dream
Lying in my bed and contemplating thoughts of death
Fear escapes me as I long to end my breath
This world is depressing and I feel a need to leave
Caught within the web my misanthropy doth weave
Emotional breakdown and I soon will give in
Despondent surrender, why fight what I cannot win?

I no longer really care
My eyes are dry my heart is bare
Sinking deeper in the well
I hear the tolling of the midnight bell


Tearstained Coffin”  lyrics 10/99


The knell of death has tolled it’s bell
to take another life away from here...it’s gone
That life is gone and now you mourn the loss
of yet another life, it’s gone away, you cry
The funeral arrangements being planned by the family
The ritual is set
A gathering of mourners dressed in black
now forming a line to gaze upon the dressed-up corpse

The ritual of death...end of another breath
Heaving out a sigh...why did he have to die
Your eyes empty themselves on the tearstained coffin

This selfish rite of tears, crying not for the one who has died
Has gone, has passed away from here
Your tears are for yourself and what you’ve lost
The pain that you feel, it hurts, you grieve in selfishness
The corpse lies motionless inside the casket
with a painted face, and stuffed, mouth sewn, so morbid
So grieve your sorrow, wait in line, now it’s your time
what will you do? your heart it beats, you kiss the dressed up corpse

This ritual of death...morbid and grotesque
You can’t help but cry...why did she have to die
The coffin stained with tears...the mourning lasts for years


I do not mourn the loss...I cling to no weak cross
Selfishness bereaved...the dead from life relieved
There’s no point to cry, for we all shall die

The Curse Of Christ”  lyrics 10/99

We can not escape
Christ infects this world
Hypocrisy looms
In society

The church will not die
Condemn all who sin
Political ways
To control us all

Christianity will not die
2000 years gone by
Still logic can’t persist
It is futile to resist


I look at this world
And let out a groan
People are like sheep
Jesus myth remains


Commit Suicide”  lyrics 8/13/99


Commit Suicide  Commit Suicide
Commit Suicide  Commit Suicide
Contemplating why you want to live another day
Isolated and depressed there is no other way
Make a noose or take some pills or find yourself a knife
There’s no reason left to live so end your fucking life
Commit Suicide  Commit Suicide
Commit Suicide  Commit Suicide

Disheartened”  lyrics 4/2/95 & 4/2/00

Laying deep within the veils of melancholy
I bleed your sorrows...a gaping wound inside
I want to fill you up with all my energy, yeah
But I am isolated and wrought with solitude

The freezing plains are moaning with the crying wind
I see my breath as my cold thoughts speak of no forgiveness
Constellations hide and I stand in the shadow
Adore you from a distance....disheartened by all that lives

This world it offers nothing
For my own recluse life
The inner sanctum opens
I’ve manifested gloom
Loss of all motivation
My pagan heart beats slow
Dark evocations of a....
A lost and lonely doom


I am steadfast digging deeper my own grave
Masochistic melancholy blooms in winter eyes
The sun it hides behind the clouds, I see no shadow
I am disheartened by all that speaks  to me


Whispers”  lyrics 10/24/99

This planet dies slow
Magma rises from below
The sky cracks open wide
Life on earth will die

Earthquakes shake the ground
Ice caps melt, water surrounds
Natures force attacks with wrath
Mankind walks a broken path


Pollute the sky, kill of the seas
Bacteria, plague and disease
The quest of man is to destroy
But nature is well on its course
Industrial technology
The downfall of society
Nations will fall, the sky turns black
Humanity under attack
All prophecy spoken in vain
Words need not answers to explain

We cannot escape our fate
Time is lost for it’s too late
The cries of warning reduced to whispers
Flames of hope reduced to embers

My Open Grave”  lyrics 10/24/99

The time arrives when death shall overcome
Do not cremate my body, let it rot
Entomb me in a stone mausoleum
I want to be interred carelessly

My crypt of stone
My body left alone
To rot, decay
Let time wither it away

Don’t lock the crypt, grave desecration sought
Disturb my corpse; steal my bones and skull

Midnight revelers break into my tomb
A trophy for their morbid fascination
I welcome you to come invade my burial shroud
With sincerity display my skull

Come into my open grave
Come into my open grave


Who will be the one to guard my remains

The last 2 songs are hidden cover songs. The first one is “Lurking In The Dark” originally recorded by
King Diamond in 1985 on the “Fatal Portrait” album. The second is “Possessed” recorded by Bathory
in 1985 on “The Return...” album.