INTO THE SUNLESS MERIDIAN    "Into The Sunless Meridian"     1998 CD    -     LYRICS

"Meditations In A Cold And Dimly Lit Room" (Introduction - Instruimental)

Music April 1994

"The Birth Of Psychic Energies"

A renewal of conscious vibrations
Portals into the future
Inhibitions and instincts


My intuition is finely tuned
To foretell a hidden destiny
I shall guide you on your pathway
Give life to your craved fantasy

Your life is in my hands
So much control you yield

Fuck you weak humans, I don't need you
I don't need your problems to listen to
Who cares what the tarot cards say
I'm just going to lie to you anyway
Kill yourself. Kill yourself.
Kill yourselves. Kill yourself.
I don't care about you!

Music May 1996/March 1997, Lyrics March 21, 1997

"A Depraved Indifference To Human Life"

The effervescent waves of life
The sorrows of passion and strife
Philosophical preponderancies
The view of neverending despondencies

I see the world in its true roots
Under an evergreen I contemplate complexity
Rational and sincere observations
Life-long permeating dexterity

(solo-twin leads-solo)

The dull and grey...weary modern life
The disjointed ways of our emotions

Abound by drained human entities
Sucked dry by wanton devotions


"Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity" **

The swaying trees dance in the wind
Misanthropy is so just
Our metal cages aged with rust
Our ashes lain to somber dust
Feel the stormwinds start to gust
Pathetic lives are waste
Chosen paths in haste
Wretched species exists
My hatred persists

This massacred world, we are maggots on this earth
I thrive on violence and murder
We are overrun by ignorance and weakness
Death to the human race


Misanthropy is so just
Our metal cages aged with rust
Pathetic lives of waste
My hatred persists

Music May 1996 & march-April 1997, Lyrics March 21, 1997
** quote by Henry David Thoreau

"Headbanging Maniac"

Headbanging maniac
Strike you like a heart attack
Metal onslaught has begun
Cannot hide, cannot run

Power Black Speed Death
Power Black Speed Death Metal

Power Metal
Black Metal
Speed Metal
Death Metal

I live for metal, it runs in my veins
The visions in my mind
Obsessed with this music
It's more to me than life
The visions in my mind
Headbanging maniac
Strike you like a heart attack
Metal onslaught has begun
Cannot hide, cannot run

Music May 1996/March 1997, lyrics April 9, 1997

"Tantric Lunar Slumber"

Oh, can you feel it?
Can you feel it? Oh, feel it
Haven't you ever just lied back and stared into the moon?
Haven't you ever lied there with yourself down under the stars
and just stared at them?
Feel the moon's rays soak into your body....
Haven't you ever felt that before?
You must experience it at least once in a lifetime
Oh, feel the ancient powers soaking into your body
The chakras of the body, soak them with power

Music & Lyrics May 3, 1994

"When Emotional Nirvana Deluges You"


I want no feelings
I want no emotion
Cursed with feelings
Cursed with emotion
I feel nothing....
There is no happiness in love
Not that I have found
Love is pain, pain is love
Temporary ecstasy, everlasting sorrow
Everlasting sorrow


Dwelling on circles of lost hope
Reflecting on time's past travels
Like the spots on a leopard
my happiness is scattered
Sorrow is my pleasure
Emotion is my weakness


Dancing to the beat of my heart
Torn apart by my quest for union
I'm fading away from all emotions
Separating from all
Dissension into my own self

Music Oct 1994/May 1996/March 1997 Lyrics October 1994

"Strike Down Mythographer"

The stelliform shape upon the wall
Devoted to death instinct
Baneful towards iconographic outliers
Debauchery for kerygmatic extinction
Condemnation of the priestcraft
Iniquitous rebellion against the flock
I bow not to injudicity
Exhaust their last centenary

We, who are the few
Who seek our truth
Mercy-kill the martyr
bathing in masochism

The guiltless being that I am
Transcends above the mist that's waking life
Fantasy must play its roll
Indulge, do not resist
Afflict the ones with strife

(repeat verse 3)

Strike down mythographer
Collector of bastardized tales
Collector of bastardized tales
Collector of bastardized tales
Collector of bastardized tales
Fuck the holy bible!!!!


Music May 1996/March 1997, Lyrics July 14, 1993

"Grim Vendetta"

"daed eht fo sreraeb eht emoc yeht hcram duorp rieht no, dloheb
daert derusaem dna wols dna murd delffum dna galf gnipoord htiw"

When I am cold and in the grave and my flesh doth rot
Yet beyond I do transcend and vengeance shall be wrought

I shall strike thee from the grave
Mortal enemies remember me
I will haunt you after death
And torment you to your grave......

Music June 9, 1995, Lyrics February/March 1995

"Mesmerising Serenades"

Strength and weakness
Focus is strength
Emotion is weakness

I focus on my darkness
I let the moon carry me away
into astral lakes of mesmerising serenades
through candlelit halls I float

Then my emotions drag me down
Into this mortal world of flesh
Where union binds me to pain
Slowly I am awakening to my own truth
There is contradiction in paradise
Strength and weakness
Focus is strength
Emotion is weakness
What is this thing we call love?

Crushed by the weight of my heart
Crushed by the words of the chosen
Whose pleasure is their pathetic games!
She who has tamed the beast is the muse of my inspiration
Gone forever are my grips on destiny
And now my path leads to my own isolation


The stars have written in my eyes
The words I have cursed her with....
and rejection is too pleasurable
for my masochism


Music May 1996/March 1997 Lyrics November 10, 1994

"Under Closed Eyelids"


Under closed eyelids worlds do unfold
Cosmic colors fill my vision field
Purple kaleidoscopes yield ecstast
Optical fantasy, a subconscious movie screen

Seeing the images of an inside universe
I am the god and the images are mine
Create and destroy, learn and create
Desire to become conscious in that state
Swirling patterns and turning spheres
Vibrant explosions and clouds of color
Shapeless forms running in circles
Sailing through the midnight air
Thoughts float over the falls
Swishing under the bubbling waves
Familiar faces coming and going
Recognition is only half of the knowing
Fly into the blueing sky....

Control - domination - persistency
There's no such thinbg as reality
Nobody is going to know the answer
The fear of death has created cancer
You are your own saviour
You are your own god
Appear to yourself and meditate
Apparent death will be your fate

Under closed eyelids what do you see?
If you see nothing, then you don't know me
Imaginatory creativity
Subconscious surreality
Enter into R.E.M.
Wake to recite the dream again
Smoke filled rooms await the dawn
When the pioneers are gone

Lost amidst the oak filled forest
Frozen in the winter's frost
Stand in the soothing sunflake rays
Burn your retinas for days
Eyes so blind you cannot hear
When will come the final year
The planets all will soon collide
Our galaxy will no longer preside

Other....stars.....will life....
What goes on under closed eyelids.....

Music May 1996/March-April 1997, Lyrics March 1, 1992

"Solar Flare" (Instrumental)

Music April 1997.
All acoustic guitars by Mikael

"A Corpse Without Soul" (Mercyful Fate coversong)

I'm a corpse
I'm a corpse
I'm a corpse without soul
He's taken
He's taken
He's taken his toll
He took it on me

I'm trapped
I'm trapped
I'm trapped in his spell
I'm going
I'm going
I'm going to hell
Inside his spell

Well I was walking
Down among the graves
I heard a cry
My shadow was gone
Emptiness in my body
Oh I felt so alone
Small black wings on my naked back

Now guess what I saw
Oh, on one of the stones
I saw my soul
In a magical haze
It was all dressed up
As a corpse in a wedding dress
Small black wings on my naked back

Now hear my prayer....Oh.....
Begging for mercy
I'm just living to die....


repeat 1st 2 verses


Satan has taken his...TOLL!!!!!!!!!!

Music/Lyrics by Diamond/Shermann 1981

"Floating Weightless Down A Spiral Staircase" (Outroduction - Instrumental)

Music May 9, 1995

Recorded entirelty in Mortuary Temple Studios.
Drums recorded in May 1996, everything else was done in March and April 1997.
Tracks 1 and 5 recorded April-May 1994, tracks 8 and 13 were recorded April-June 1995.
The solo's on track 12 were recorded in December 1997.
Produced and Engineered by Mikael.
Mixed and mastered digitally on December 18, 1997 at Watchmen Studio by Mikael and Doug White.

Mikael - Burning Axe Onslaught, Nuclear Thunder, Holocaust Canons, Mesmerizing Atmospheres, and all Tortured Screams of Sorrow and Hatred.