INTO THE SUNLESS MERIDIAN is my FIRST solo-project (one-man-band). It began in late 1993/early 1994 out of a dissatisfaction with the direction that Buried Beneath (the band I was in at the time) was going in. I wanted more black metal elements as well as more of my earlier influences in the music, and that was not present in Buried Beneath's music. So ITSM began as a way to create more of the sound that I wanted in the music I was creating. I performed all of the instruments, and I could make every aspect of it the way that I wanted it to sound. And at NO time whatsoever have I EVER used a fucking drum machine! Only authentic instruments will be present in ITSM. The first demo "XXIX A.S." came out in April 1994. It was raw and primitive atmospheric black metal with old school influences. The second demo "Sex Magick" came out in September 1995 and with this demo I began to experiment with the merging of power, black, speed and death metal genres. It encompassed a wide field of influences, and I experimented alot with the vocals and guitars. It ended up being a testing ground for ideas that later would evolve into Night Conquers Day (ex-Buried Beneath). I made pro-copied cassettes of these 2 demo's and sold them through the mail and swapped them through the tape-trading circuit. (This was before MP3's and internet).

Into The Sunless Meridian "Into The Sunless Meridian" CD

         In the Spring of 1997 I completed a debut album and sent rough mix promos to several labels, eventually gaining the interest of friend Tobbe, who ran Near Dark Productions. A final mix and mastering was done at Watchmen Studios at the start of 1998 and the debut CD "Into The Sunless Meridian" was released in August 1999. There were plans do to a picture disc release, but this never culminated.  I have a few copies of the CD in stock and for sale for$12 (world). The album culminates the experimental elements of the demos while also bringing together a blend of power/atmospheric black/speed/true death metal. There are undeniable comparisons to older Voivod and Mercyful Fate (of which a cover of "A Corpse Without Soul" appears as a bonus track). The vocal styles vary alot from song to song. You will not find much remaining the same from song to song. There are occasional avant-garde interlude pieces experimenting with strange sounds and effects. The CD booklet is graced by photos of different phases of an annular eclipse of the sun taken by Evil Eye in 1994. One might hear similarities with Night Conquers Day & Tearstained, but remember ITSM was the predecessor to both. This album was recorded (drums) in 1996 and (everything else) summer 1997. Tearstained was borne from ideas realized in ITSM, and ITSM ideas eventually manifested in NCD.
        This is NO retro-thrash requiem! I've been into this music since 1985 and over 20 years of living for metal music has influenced what I create.

In the summer of 2000 the record label Near Dark Productions ceased. Instead, it is now a record store in Sweden. So there will be no 2nd ITSM CD on Near Dark. I have composed most of the 2nd album: a concept album titled "Neo-Barbarian". I am seeking an interested label. For more info, CLICK HERE.

INTO THE SUNLESS MERIDIAN "Into The Sunless Meridian" debut CD - US$12.00
Trades are accepted, but write first with your offers. For wholesale, contact the record label, not me!

ITSM has remained quite dormant. The 2nd album is composed, but there is no rush in recording it. Right now I have been quite busy working on other projects. Eventually the time will come when I get refocused on ITSM. Near Dark has even shown some interest in doing the 2nd album again. Time shall tell....