Merchandise For Sale From Me Directly


TEARSTAINED T-shirt package - $30 (world) <<only 3 left>>
Includes XL t-shirt, 2 Tearstained pins and 2 Tearstained stickers

Tearstained "Nightmare Visions" 2008 CD  *NEW* - $12
 Tearstained "Monumental In Its Sorrow" 2005 Re-issue CD (Still a few in-stock) - $12


Night Conquers Day "Rebellion Is The Art Of Survival" CD#2 - $12 (very few left)
Into The Sunless Meridian "Into The Sunless Meridian" CD - $12 (very few left)
Shadowcaster "Temptation" CD - $10
Shadowcaster "Psychelectronic Experience" CD - $10
Shadowcaster "Abandonment" CD - $10

I am SOLD-OUT of the Buried Beneath CD, the Night Conquers Day "The First Snowfall" CD#1, and Tearstained "There Is No Hope" CD#2, "Final Thoughts" CD#3 and "Homicidal Tendencies" CD#4. You can purchase the Tearstained CD's through Barbarian Wrath.

All prices include postage worldwide. Send CASH or Money Order (payable to Mikael Bayusik) to:

E-Mail me for a mailing address.

I'm also on PayPal: member name: so you can pay me through there as well. EMAIL me to confirm. Add $1 to all prices for PayPal payments. You can email me first to reserve an order since some CD's I have in very limited amounts. NO PERSONAL CHECKS. Not responsible for lost or damaged items. TRADES are accepted, but Email me first to work out the details. Bands: do not mail me your CD without notice expecting a trade unless we have been in contact first.

My long-time address of P.O. Box 174, North Greece, NY, 14515, USA is NO LONGER VALID!!
Mail will not get to me there any longer as of August 2007. Use the above address for snail mail.