These are mostly re-issues I seek, or just hard-to-find CD's. RED means priority. LP means I'll settle for the vinyl since I don't believe a CD version exists.

Sacrifice (jap) "Crest Of Black" CD or LP 1987 (either LP or CD)
DESTROYERS (pol) "The Miseries Of Virtue" CD (1991)
Tyrant (ger) "Running Hot" CD
EQUINOX (nor) "Auf Wiedersehen" 1989 CD/LP
A.R.G. "Entrance" 1989 LP/CD
TARGET (bel) "Mission Executed" 1987 CD (it's a rare split CD w/Holy Moses)
WICCA (ger) "Splendid Deed" 1989 CD
DEATHRAGE (ita) "Selfconditioned Selflimited" LP/CD
PURGATORY "Tied To The Trax" CD
STORMTROOPER (ger) "Headcount" LP 1990 (Metal Enterprises Rec'ds)

I also seek any original copies of old metal Mags/'Zines from the 1984-1987 underground era. For example:
Metal Forces #13, 14, Metal KO #7, Heavy Metal Onslaught #3, 4, Violent Noize #1, 3, 4, Slayer #1, 2, 3, 4, Not #2, 3, Battlefield #1, Pounder #1, Cut Throat #1, Metal Caos #3, etc...

And I seek the RUNNING WILD 1985 pro-Video 45 minutes in length (as mentioned on the sleeve of the "Branded & Exiled" album) if it even exists.

And seeking VHS video footage of these classic bands:
POSSESSED - Live in 1984-85
early MERCYFUL FATE - live 1981-1984
VOIVOD "Killing Technology" tour'86, live in 1986 w/ gas mask entrance
JUDAS PRIEST - live in 1978 "Stained Class" tour & live 1980 "British Steel" tour ONLY
SCORPIONS - any "Taken By Force" or "Virgin Killer" era live footage 1976-1978 ONLY!!!
MAYHEM - Live w/Dead on Vocals 1988-1990

Also any old vintage '80's sleeveless t-shirts of real metal bands.

Let me know your price, or I can Trade any of my availavle releases. Look in my For Sale section.

E-mail me.