"Psychelectronic Experience"                                                                      "Temptation"

Shadowcaster is not metal, but an atmospheric/ambient solo-project that I began in late 1993. I used keyboards and synths to create "sonic paintings" that are surreal, unique, and sometimes improvised. In 1994 two promos were released, and in 1996 the "Abandonment" debut CD came out on a shitty Greek label. In January 1999 two new albums were released at once on Wild Rags Records. "Psychelectronic Experience" a brand new second album. It's much more ambient than any of the other releases with a lot of 1970's influences (Tangerine Dream, Lucifer, Tonto's Expanding Head Band, Klaus Schulze, etc.). It's a concept album about LSD influenced shaman-trance meant to induce hallucinations or a meditative state helpful to transcending "normal" consciousness. The vocals are narrated through a series of strange effects. Nothing quite like it has been done before. There are 3 surreal and flowing songs clocking in for a total of 65 minutes. "Temptation" is the other "new" album. It was intended to be a re-release of the "Abandonment" album, but very quickly ideas started coming to mind, the tracklisting began to alter enormously, and it's become a collection of older material in previously unreleased alternate versions of songs from "Abandonment" and select songs from the 2 promos (with a few exceptions). So it's a totally different album than "Abandonment" is. The music is very dark, surreal and at times symphonic. There are quite a few instrumentals on it, plus the 25 minute epic "Ereshkigal's Gift" which tells the story of the ascension of Inanna (the Sumerian moongoddess) in a resurrection-myth predating the christian myth by 2000 years. Both CD's are available at my address. Distributors get in touch for trades or wholesale prices.

Since 2000 Shadowcaster has been dormant. If any labels are interested in resurrecting Shadowcaster, contact me, and perhaps a new album will be recorded. Right now I am very busy working on my other projects and recordings.

 SHADOWCASTER Discography:

"My Love Affair With Death And Melancholy" 1994 promo#1 (no longer available)
"To Gather My Thoughts Among The Sleeping Summer Spirits" 1994 promo#2 (no longer available)

Available NOW:

"Abandonment" 1996 CD#1 (comes in digipack, still sealed).......$10
"Psychelectronic Experience" 1999 CD#2.................. $10
"Temptation" 1999 CD...................................................$10

All 3 albums can be bought together for $25. All prices include postage worldwide. No coins. US$ only.
Trades are accepted, but write or email me first with your offer!! PayPal: vaalkoth@yahoo.com
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