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If you know of other online reviews, links, then contact me so I can add them to the list. - the official TEARSTAINED MySpace page - The TEARSTAINED forum - This link takes you to Barbarian Wrath releases. Scroll to each Tearstained album and there are 2 MP3's for you to enjoy. - order all the Tearstained CD's through the record label, Barbarian Wrath!!! The basar is open 24 hours! - a playlist of downloadable rare tracks from 80's bands, created by myself - more cult classics to enjoy - Encyclopedia Metalium Entry, contains a review as well. This site should be in EVERYONE's links!   - At 'Dark Lyrics', the lyrics for all of the Suicide Trilogy albums  -  Last-FM Tearstained playlist - a review of the "Final Thoughts" CD 2003 by Metallian Zine ('Album Of The Month' August 2003) - reviews of Tearstained "Monumental In Its Sorrow" CD 1999 and both 1999 CD's of SHADOWCASTER"Temptation" & "Psychelectronic Experience". - review of "Homicidal Tendencies" CD in Red Stream  -  Tartarean Desire site has a pic and discography posted - Diabolica Conquest Webzine review of "Homicidal Tendencies" CD 2006, very well thought out and expressive - Dark Soul online radio. Request TEARSTAINED songs, all 4 albums are available for request!!! - a review of "Homicidal Tendencies" CD 2006 as "Bleak grim black metal with thrashing edge! Impressive!" - a review in Spanish of "Homicidal Tendencies" CD 2006 by Morbid Visions Online mag - download the album from this guy, I'm not sure what this site really is, it's a 'feed' - all 4 CD's are available through this European distributor Metalfighers - An in-depth Interview with Metal Crypt Zine - a review of the "Momunental In Its Sorrow" CD re-issue 2005 by Chronicles Of Chaos Webzine, - see Tearstained described in Rock Detector, and links to all my various projects with little bio's - an old NIGHT CONQUERS DAY interview for Vae Solis Mag, dated from 1998